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SSI or Sonic Solutions Inc is brothers John and Will Goff. Started 11 years ago, the duo have produced 3 full length ambient albums and are currently gearing up for their 4th. The music is slow moving with little or no regards for formal composition. The songs or tracks do not resolve and the repetitive structure of formalized music is disregarded; all of the compositions are improvised with no rehearsals – the music can be focused on or put on as background music; enough changes happen to engage the listener but the sounds and ideas are subdued.

All of the album titles reference the Iraq war and are titled in Latin; what goes around comes around. We are doomed to repeat our forefather’s mistakes…. The 4th record, “Resurrectionem ex mortuis” or “Back from the Dead”, will be coming out in the fall.

As a side note, all the music in is the key of E flat minor and the tempo is 100 bpm so every track can be played over every other track.




To listen to some of the music click HERE

pics of themselves

(for all of those wondering, this page is being hosted on John Goff’s print publishing website, Serigraphic Systems Inc., and yes, the same initials are intentionally used. The SSI initials are also used in the government agency, Supplemental Security Income, which Serigraphic Systems and Sonic Solutions Inc. are nodding their head toward. For the ultra geeky, SSI is also one of the first computer based video games that was an offshoot of TSR, or the company that brought you Dungeons and Dragons. SSI gladly stole SSI’s logo for both the band and the print publishing business, and are awaiting an injunction by SSI.)

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